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Experience with Phoenix Haus?

user-6322044 | Posted in General Questions on

Does anyone have any experience with Phoenix Haus (one of their projects was profiled in this article: My architect has contacted them to get a quote for exterior walls and a roof for a tight, superinsulated house to be built in Santa Fe, NM (CZ 5). Phoenix Haus now has a manufacturing facility in Grand Junction, CO, which makes transportation of prefabricated components to Santa Fe much more feasible. I’m just curious if anyone has any experience with them, either in CO or in MI. Thanks!

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  1. Jon_Lawrence | | #1

    I have not purchased anything from them, but I did sit next to Kate at the Passive House Builders training a couple of years ago and I can say she is in intelligent, ambitious, and was very excited about the her company's product offering.

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