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exposed foam in attic

gerrym64 | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

In the photos of the Lemonister retroft it shows exposed foam in an attic used for storage? Doesn’t the Mass building code require that exposed foams be covered with a thermal barrier?

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    In our area attic storage areas that may be left open to the house during normal usage (ie access by a hinged door or drop down staircase) are generally required to be separated from foamed sealed attic space by 1/2" dry wall (inexpensive and effective) or ignition barrier coating (neither inexpensive nor particularly effective)

    This requirement is often overlooked by inspectors in some counties.

    And then there are inspectors who enforce things that are not in the code. (All DWV pipe in gravel beds under concrete slabs to be sleeved, condensate drains to be pressure tested, for recent example.) Code is "per the official having jurisdiction", for better and for worse.

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