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Exposed Back of Tiled Bathroom Wall in Attic

brian108 | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Evening building science experts,
Today I spent the day air sealing my walk in attic. I was planning on foam boarding over the poorly insulated wall where the walk in attic door is and sort of treating the attic like a knee wall to ratchet up the r value and tighten it up. I discovered the exposed . Don’t know where to begin here short of ripping out my old bathroom and doing it right with cement board. Surely this grout is vapor permeable and Installing a barrier on the other side of the studs would lead to condensation in the newly formed wall cavity? House is built in 1972. Vented attic through gables and ridge and attic Floor is insulated. Zone 4A

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  1. tommay | | #1

    Looks like you could easily wrap that in rigid insulation....

  2. Expert Member
    NICK KEENAN | | #2

    I guess the only question I have is where the edge of the building envelope is. If the attic is ventilated then the tile is the edge, I don't see any big deal to put a vapor barrier on the tile and then insulation over.

  3. brian108 | | #3

    Won’t any moisture that comes through the shower wall drip down onto framing? I do plan on gutting this bathroom at some point. Just not anytime soon I hope. The way this house is constructed it seems to rely on a lot of drying from being so loose.

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