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Exterior insulation

AndyZb | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

We have started building our home and have 2 inches of exterior Rockwool going on in a week or so. It seems from what I read innies are the best option with a Rockwool. My wife and I would prefer outies and my builder has given us an option for outie window using a built out ledge for the window to sit on from the rough opening. They then plan to use the furring strips for the window flanges on the sides. They also want to use two layers of Tyvek, one between sheathing and Rockwool and one on top of the furring strips that will be used for the water control layer attached to the water control layer of the window. Thoughts on this?


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  1. RussMill | | #1

    I prefer windows flashed at the sheathing, you can use bucks to extend you out to face of rockwool. Search "window buck"

    Tyvek over furring strips is tough because it constantly flexes in and out even AFTER siding is on when there are wind gusts

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