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Exterior Wall Insulation in Walk Out Basement

khmontgo | Posted in General Questions on

I am working on renovating a previously un-conditioned, un-finished room in my walk-out basement and my question pertains to what kind of insulation / vapor barrier I should be installing. I will be adding heating and A/C to this room. My house is built on a hill, so half the house is over a crawl space, and half is over the basement area I am working in. 

As you see in the photo, the exterior block wall (which is mostly above grade at this point), has a black vapor barrier that is probably original to the house (built in 1993). The vapor barrier is behind the studs. The exterior of the wall is brick and does have foam board behind the brick. 

So, can I just throw in some fiberglass insulation over the black vapor barrier and cover with drywall? Or additional vapor barrier over fiberglass? Or use foam board? Something else? 

Never had any moisture issues in this basement aside from typical high humidity. I will be adding a minisplit, which should help control humidity. 

I am located in northern Alabama for climate zone reference (zone 3). 


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