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Family-friendly sealant for airtight drywall approach

kevinjm4 | Posted in General Questions on

I’m wondering if there’s a good sealant to use, or a sealant that is best to use given my situation.

Im using the air tight drywall approach, but trying to find the best sealant to use while my family and I are living in the house. I’m ventilating best I can, and putting plastic where it might get into rest of living space etc, but can’t do much more than that and fumes are still entering rest of home. Any type of sealant or a specific sealant I should consider?

Currently I’m using dynaflex 230 and it’s pretty strong. Another note: It’s also consistently 40° and below right now if that matters, but try to keep dwelling side a little warmer than that, in rooms I’m working in.

looking to spend no more than $4-6 like the dynaflex…

thanks for the help

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  1. Peter Yost | | #1

    Hi Kevin -

    When I did my extended deep energy retrofit of our home--with my older daughter being asthmatic--the ONLY way I could do work in one part of our home while we all four lived there was to depressurize the space I was working in, 24/7. But that worked great. I don't know how to advise on depressurizing when it is that cold!

    In terms of low VOC/low toxicity sealants, Prosoco is one of the leaders on this but I bet what they have will be at a premium compared to Dynaflex.


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