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Fastening Exterior pine trim to an ICF home

Wayde | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

This is my first ICF build and getting ready to fasten exterior pine trim boards to my ICF home. I don’t want to strap it out unless absolutely necessary. I was planning on using a membrane like Blue-Skin behind the pine. Has anyone had any experience good or bad with pine trim boards on ICF

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Every brand of ICF is a little different, so the first step is to become familiar with the installation instructions for wood siding and wood trim provided by the ICF manufacturer.

    This brings up an observation: Some ICF manufacturers provide good details and instructions; others are vague. This may influence which brand of ICF you buy.

    The following information from Nudura (a manufacturer of ICFs) strikes me as pretty vague. I wasn't able to determine whether Nudura has more in-depth advice elsewhere:

    "Wood siding can be installed onto NUDURA’s Integrated Building Technology either vertically or horizontally. The installation instructions of the siding manufacturer must be followed to ensure the warranty is covered. For example, if the building has been specified to have prefinished wood siding applied to the wall and the manufacturer’s
    installation instructions require an air barrier and strapping to be applied to the wall in order to meet their warranty, then the contractor must follow these instructions. Vertical siding will require additional strapping attached, using screws, to the fastening strips of the forms."

    Here's some advice from Amvic, another manufacturer of ICFs:

    "A solution to the situation where a screw is required and it falls within the gap between the webs is to install a bridging piece of galvanized metal flashing using construction adhesive and screws into the web above and below the area where you need to fasten the lap siding. (if you use the 9 ¼” siding and do your layout properly, you will always have a web to screw into). ...In all cases, confirm your layout for the full wall before you begin."

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