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Fearing condensation on my gypsy wagon

resonantbeauty | Posted in General Questions on

Whew, it’s taken me 4 years to finally get to the stage my gypsy wagon is in now and that is pretty much an uninsulated shed. So how do I insulate without getting mold in my walls. 

2×3 framing
3/8 painted plywood on the outside
I have pine for the interior t/g
I have cedar for the exterior t/g

Im trying to make this easy as Im not a builder and Im trying to do this myself as a young single gal with no much experience. 

What about Reflectix on the interior studs and then put up my t/g. Someone gave me wool and jeans insulating that Ive been loosely filling the walls with. The studs aren’t a uniform width in between so premeasured insulation isnt that easy.

I was thinking of a Benjamin Obdyke Hydrogap rain screen on the outside of the plywood and then the t/g cedar. 

But where will my dew point be? It would be so much easier not to insulate at all but I want this pretty beetle kill blue pine as an interior on my walls. 

My space is 12×8. I have 2 windows, a barrel roof with gaps near the top as it wasnt easy to work on the curve. Theres gaps between the wheelwells and the plywood too. I though spray foam here. 

Ive been studying Lstibuerek and I kind of understand but its also melting my head. I just want this to be easy and Im so overwhelmed. 

Saunas seem like easy construction. That’s what I was going for with the reflectix under the pine t/g. 

Also since its a barrel roof on top of a rectangular box of framing, the entire top part (think half barrel on top of a box), the entire barrel part is not insulated. 

on the roof I have pine t/g and then 2 inch rigid foam articulated over the curve with spray foam where 2 butt up against each other, then I have ply over that and ice and water shield. Ill finish the roof with a vinyl overlay or rolled asphalt. 

So if I need to I could do rigid foam on the outside. Can I just have nothing inside the walls? This would be too much air flow I guess. 

Am I making any sense?

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  1. resonantbeauty | | #1

    Im in the pacific northwest Maritime Climate and could possibly move the wagon down to So Cal in the future.

  2. resonantbeauty | | #2

    And the biggest thing is the weight issue on a single axle trailer so I always have to keep that in mind.

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