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Fiberglass Containing LEAD

GBA Editor | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Does recycled fiberglass contain LEAD? (not to be confused with LEED) Lead based glass may be recycled to make fiberglass? I mean LEAD as in the heavy metal commonly found in old paint, solder, leaded gasoline. Or does it contain any other heavy metals which could be a concern for government regulatory agencies to monitor/control?



    Leaded glass is not recyclable and recycling centers do a pretty good job of excluding mirrors, drinking glasses, and old windows form the recyling collection. My buddy here who runs the Orange County recycling program complained to me a few years back about having to trash several dumpsters worth of contaminated glass. The stuff has very little market value As it is and the buyers are pretty rigourous about it being recycled beverage containers and glass jars.

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