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Filtration runtime

srivenkat | Posted in General Questions on

Hello All,

I am wondering if filtration is recommended to happen continuously, or on some sort of  a schedule, in residential dwellings.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Expert Member


    You mean filtration of the mechanically ventilated air? As the air is introduced and exhausted continually, I can't think of a reason to intermittently filter it.

    1. srivenkat | | #2

      No, I meant filtration separate from ventilation, Malcolm. For filtering out household dust, etc. I moved away from Central AC to Minisplits and now I find a lot of gunk on the mini-split blower wheel to the point that it's hardly moving any air and hence not cooling enough. I use the Central Air Handler blower to do filtration. Do MERV specifications or ASHRAE have any recommendations for how long a whole house filtration unit (using the Central Air Handler blower) should run?

  2. Jon_R | | #3

    Ideally, you would measure the amount of the dust in the air and run until it reaches the desired level.

    My guess is that it makes far more sense to run while there is movement in the house. At other times, there is far less dust stirred up.

    Probably much cheaper to clean out the mini-split on a regular basis.

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