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Finding a designer for a ducted mini-split system

adrienne_in_nj | Posted in Mechanicals on

I would like to have a ducted mini-split system installed in an existing house.  I started with google, trying to find an HVAC designer in the area, but I had no luck.  So I went to the Mitsubishi and Fujitsu websites and entered my information.  I was contacted by a Mitsubishi “Diamond Contractor” and a Fujitsu “Elite Contractor.”  Both representatives came to the house and told me that they would work on it and get back to me, but that was several months ago and I have not heard back.  I don’t have a lot of confidence that they can design the system properly since neither one got back to me.  I think they might have been overwhelmed with the design of a ducted mini-split system since traditional forced-air systems are more common in the area, with ductless systems being used sometimes to add air conditioning in retrofit work.  Also, air-conditioning duct work is common in attics here, and I told them both that I do not want any ducts in the unconditioned attic (there are plenty of closets.)  Does anybody have any idea how I can find a designer, and then take his/her design to a contractor for a bid and installation?  I’m in Zone 5A, Northern NJ.  Thanks

P.S. Upon reading Martin’s recent blog, “Getting the Right Minisplit,” I suppose I should stick with Fujitsu since it will be a ducted system.

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  1. forcedexposure | | #1

    Hi Adrienne,

    You might find this list useful:

    best wishes, Kris

  2. Ric_Soares_of_Holistic_Homes_Architecture | | #2

    Did you ever find one? If so, who was your installer (reasonable installers are very hard to find).

    I am a NJ Architect w/ a huge passion for and good experience with ducted and non-ducted minisplit heatpumps and have done a few jobs including my very own design and install at my home (2,300 SF 4-zone gasless system). 347-560-0719 if you want to discuss.

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