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How do I find all my previous questions on GBA so I don’t have to repeat the question?

mikeysp | Posted in General Questions on

Hi. I want to know how I can find my old questions on GBA, so I do not repat the question after several months.

I have been planning and collecting a massive amount of recycled materials for my build over a couple ears period and twice now I have needed access to some old questions. I check my profile and it is only the more recent inquiries that are available. I try to search the questions and get all sorts of options, but not my old question. Yet, twice now, I went ahead and asked the question again in different wording and lo and behold the related questions links have had my old question. I could not delete this one, so I just retitled it and am here asking this. 

If it is possible, I would be very glad to know how. 

Thank you.


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  1. Expert Member


    Try a Google search with some of the key words + GBA.

  2. woobagoobaa | | #2

    Its further complicated in that often your subject line will be changed by GBA.

    1. mikeysp | | #3

      Bummer. Currently they let you see the last several. Seems like a single line of caode would just extend that history indenfinately. I actually had one guy give me a link to my question, and it was to my old question (same question). :)

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