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Tips for Installing European Windows

fromPok | Posted in General Questions on

Good Morning. I expect quite a few folks have done this already. Trying to get the best practice out on how to detail my install of European window.

Should I flush the window to exterior or middy to gain larger opening when operating the windows from inside?

Right now .. I am leaning to flush exterior due to simpler install and here is my detail

Framing would be 2×6 with zip-r sheating. ( 1 7/8″ )

Steps for exterior flush mount:
1.Remove Poly iso for 1 1/2 inches around the window. Add framing lumber in place of poly iso to increase the overall robustness of the opening. Is this required? Noticed some builder did this on a YouTube window.
2.Buck the opening with a 1/2 inch zip sheating (maron color)
3. Clap board at the bottom still plate
3. Zip the complete opening. stretch tape at bottom? or regular?
4. Push the window into the opening. check level plumb and screw the window using the provided flanges
5. Seal around the window with appropriate foam sealant for air gaps.
6. Use vapor open tape along all 4 exterior sides of the window. Pro climate vana?
7. Flash window bottom sil.. standard aluminum as per the PDF
8. Flash window head as per the detail in attached picture

I found this detail link from EAS.

Rest are from watching some YouTube videos.

Does anyone has detail that they would like to share and have good luck with the sealing?

Thank you.


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  1. GBA Editor
    Kiley Jacques | | #1

    Giving your post a bump. Given your topic, I'll point you to this recent article from Martin Holladay, in case you missed it: European vs. U.S. Manufactured Windows.

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