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Fire, mold, mildew, termite, water resistant building material CERLOS

MOXYOID | Posted in General Questions on
We’ve developed a building material that is fire, mold, mildew, and all weather resistant.
• Feedstock and Process: fibers from forestry or agricultural waste introduced to the mineral and liquid form a durable, fire-resistant composite we are branding as CERLOS. Inputs can be sourced from diverse routes and is not restricted to one particular type of feedstock including the utilization of tanoak fibers. As the reaction occurs via an exothermic reaction, minimal energy input is required in the process. With current MOXY technology, carbon neutrality is also possible.
• Performance Advantages: fire-resistance, mold-resistance, insect-resistance, and all-weather stability. CERLOS is versatile and has the unique capability to be adapted into several types of building elements. CERLOS overcomes limitations posed by wood-based, plastic, and cement composites outmatching their performance. Its versatility and cost advantage will give it a strong market advantage.

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