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Fire sprinkler system installed by owner

Eddy1 | Posted in General Questions on

Is there any central information source to access online specifications on what type of sprinkler heads, line configurations & water requirements for this system?

I am considering using 3/4″ Pex. Is there a specific type?

In TN I am not required to be licensed to install my own system. Yet local plumbing suppliers won’t sell me fire suppression components.I am a retired remodeling contr. from NC. My plumber & I have plumbed the whole house w/ Pex & feel confident about the fire sprinkler system install. Am hoping to get the local fire marshall to inspect the system for certification & insurance.

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  1. gusfhb | | #1

    I think the fire sprinkler cartel will have a say in whether you will get insurance benefits or certification for your self installed system. They have very specific requirements for many things to consider a building 'sprinklered'

    If you want to do it for your peace of mind that is different. I had pondered adding a few heads to ensure a clear path from bedrooms to doorways, but in all honesty with hardwired smokes I decided it was not that useful .

  2. wjrobinson | | #2

    Search; Uponor sprinkler system design

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