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Fireplace insert or glass doors + outside air intake?

agurkas | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

I have a rather large fireplace that can clear the house of all heat, so I am never really using it. Would be nice to make it functional source of heat and have it as a backup for those times in winter we lose power or when minisplits can’t cover entire heating load.

Question: do I have to go the expensive fireplace insert + outside air supply route, or going with the proper glass doors + outside air supply would give me good return on investment?

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  1. user-4524083 | | #1

    Apollo - Glass doors would be a clear upgrade,as you could close them when you went to bed, and not lose anywhere near as much heat overnight as would an open fireplace. But if you really want to be able to heat with it, a good airtight insert would be the clear choice. It would capture significantly more heat for the room, and less up the chimney.

  2. Kenny78 | | #2

    An epa insert or freestanding stove on the hearth is much better. We went though the stages of a fireplace(poorly designed with glass doors. Wouldn't bite the bullet for a new stove so I bought a pre-epa insert and sloppily lined the chimney. Two weeks ago I purchased a quadrafire 4300 connected to a proper class a chimney. The difference is incredible. There is a easy 50 percent reduction in wood usage. I'm sure if the chimney for the insert had been proper we would only experience the usual 20 percent reduction. I truly didn't believe the benefits but am a believer now.

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