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Fixing area behind demolished cement steps

Evan | Posted in General Questions on

I have a brick veneer house built in the early 1960’s, the exterior is brick veneer. I’m in Zone 6. The cement steps leading into the house were in very poor condition and I decided to remove them. Now that they are removed I’m not sure what the best move is regarding the exposed cinder block foundation and jagged brick veneer.

It appears as though there was initially a fiber like material covering the exposed cinder block openings which has deteriorated.

I would like to install a composite landing with steps to replace the concrete steps. They will not be attached with a ledger. However, there is cinder block extending several layers deep were the cement steps used to be which will be excavated and 4 foot deep footers will be poured. I’m not sure how to fit the landing to the house as the brick veneer is not symmetric on either sides of the door. On the right side (looking at the house) it’s flush with the door and on the left is comes out about 2.5″. Should I just cut the brick and paint with with brick sealant? I’m also now sure how to integrate something into the space between the missing brick veneer.

I’m considering covering the top of the exposed cinder block foundation with a sill gasket and installing treated wood over top. Then using Z flashing over top, building the area out with plywood (?), putting down some house wrap and/or flashing tape and/or liquid flashing, and covering that with PVC trim.

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  1. Evan | | #1

    ****I'm also NOT sure how to integrate something into the space between the missing brick veneer.

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