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Fixing rusted out iron railing and painting stone and concrete

thegiz | Posted in General Questions on

Hey hope everyone is doing well. I have old iron railings that are embedded into concrete stairs. The bottom of railing is rusted and barely hanging on to ground. I previously fixed a railing on the other side by having a welder add on a new piece to bottom. That side is also starting to show wearing down. My question is are there alternative ways to anchor this railing without welding on a new piece? Can I slip something on bottom and then anchor into ground with concrete anchors? There must be something made for this purpose but not sure where to start. The stair itself is also flagstone sitting on concrete. The stone looks worn and has cracks. Can I paint it a slate color or is that going to make it look like crap? My entire patio is concrete and I hate the color. How hard is it to paint a outside patio, will paint last or will it constantly peel every year? Thanks I attached some pics to get better idea.

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