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Flashing Tape for Tar Paper

tjanson | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

What works best with a tar paper WRB for flashing windows, etc? I like 3m  8067 and have used it before to tape to tar paper – but I’m not sure if this works long term. I can’t find anything from 3m, Grace, Typar, that specifically says “ok with tar paper”.

Or, is tar paper better detailed with window flashing extending 4-6″ from the window and the tar paper simply lapped over it?

I’m replacing a wall on my insulated garage. Planned assembly is 2×6 framing, 7/16 ply, WRB, 3/4″ furring, vertical hemlock shiplap. Still on the fence on using tar paper or Tyvek for the WRB. Tar paper seems easier to work with.

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  1. creativedestruction | | #1

    I'm not sure tar paper wins out to housewrap in workability. Housewrap is less likely to tear, it comes in wider rolls and compatible tapes. I does win out however (IMO) against most others in vapor control and drying characteristics being that it has variable permeability.

    Matt Risinger did a video describing fluid-applied flashing, namely Prosoco R Guard, used to seal tar paper that seemed to work well. I've heard others claim butyl flashings work.

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