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Flex duct repair?

JC72 | Posted in Mechanicals on
Background: 20 yr old duct board plenum + 3 take offs each with a motorized dampers. Over the years technicians have cut into the flex duct to troubleshoot failing/failed dampers. They would close these cuts with either metallic tape, duct tape, or a combination there of.  Of course when the tape failed I would follow up with duct tape.
Q: Is it possible to properly repair these short sections (~2ft) of flex duct when I have the plenum replaced in order to reduce the air leakage?

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  1. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #1

    It's best to just replace damaged sections of flex duct. Tape is unlikely to hold up over the long term. You could also try sliding a short section of rigid ducting inside the flex duct and using straps to secure it, similar to how you'd couple two pieces of duct together.


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