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Flexible, Long Lasting, Sealant

user-4435615 | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

In upper CZ-4, I will be placing Huber Zip R-6 panels ( with 1″ of PolyIso on the interior) against 2×6 stud walls and plates. I would like to use a sealant between the PolyIso and the bottom & top plates and around the windows and doors. A Huber rep recommended the use of a Silicone Sealant or a urethane based sealant. An article that I read recently, “Making sense of caulks and sealants” indicates that silicone does not adhere well to wood.

Would you please recommend a sealant that adheres well, remains flexible forever, forms an airtight seal and of course is economical.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Polyurethane caulks have a good reputation. Here is one of them:

    Of course, wide cracks usually need canned spray foam. Remember, too, that high-quality European tapes like Siga Wigluv are versatile (though not cheap).

  2. Chaubenee | | #2

    OSI Quad. Henkel Corp. don't use on eps or xps. Mineral spirit cleanup. Use white or other colored so you can see where you have done and not done. Home Creepo and Lowes carries this for less than six dollars per tube. Amazon perhaps as well.

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