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Floor plan house in Zone 4A. Looking for feedbacks!

cococchio | Posted in General Questions on

I cannot upload any file so I am attaching links to floorplan

Hello, after asking for advice here on GBA,
I decided to at least try to design my floorplan for my future house in zone 4a in Bethesda, MD.

I would appreciate a feedback on the floorplan I am uploading. For example, I have allocated some space for HVAC ducts/returns  in the plan but not sure how appropriate that is.

I am aiming towards PGH type of concept with  centralized HVAC +ERV (likely hybrid configuration with separate exhaust ducts only), PV ready, 2780 SQFT finished in 1st+2nd floor.

There will be likely an unfinished basement and vented attic (that’s the standard in the area) or – less likely –  slab-on-grade with conditioned attic.

Thank you for any feedback you can provide!

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  1. Deleted | | #1


  2. cococchio | | #2

    Can anyone explain how to post pictures in here? This is pretty frustating, I tried to upload pdfs and jpg but not luck, files are less than 1Mb

  3. Deleted | | #3


  4. gusfhb | | #4

    odd failed for me too

    1. cococchio | | #5

      thank you for confirming. I guess this is a temporary issue related to the new website?

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