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Foam Foundation Systems

Andy2022 | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Has anyone got experience with concrete free foam foundation wall systems? While looking at insulation options I came across a product called Polycore, essentially steel studs encased in EPS.

I’m doing an addition with a full foundation on a highly insulated home. Rather than 8″ thick foundation walls and 10″ additional insulation, this product looks like a good option, saving concrete (and associated CO2) and labour. Our key worries are whether it will stand the test of time and whether there are going to be insect/rodent problems. Are there any other potential issues with this sort of system over a concrete based solution?

Location: Canada, Zone 7A

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  1. kbentley57 | | #1

    I'll admit to never having heard of or used it, or knew it existed until I researched it briefly after reading your post. My first impression was more of a furrowed brow, instead of raised eyebrows. It seems people have used it successfully, but I've read that the installation isn't nearly as straightforward as it is presented.

    I hope others chime in, but if I had the choice, I would choose ICF over this. I just can't get past the thoughts of my foundation being made primarily of thin gauge steel and EPS. I couldn't accept that I could shove a long screwdriver through my basement wall and hit dirt.

    If you want time tested, you have to look around at what's proven itself over time. While these systems may last, you have the benefit of looking at 100 year old structures and knowing what will last.

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