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Foam insulation gap in 2 foot by 28ft angled ceiling section about 4 inches deep. Can fiberglass batts be used to fill the space?

suect | Posted in General Questions on

Our home has foam insulation throughout.  It took some time but I located a warmer area in an angled ceiling along the entire wall.  Now that it is getting cooler this is observed in the same area.

There is a gap where foam is seen under the roof side and t to he raw side of the ceiling.

Could 4 inch fiberglass batts be used to fill the void?  My thoughts are if a problem may occur there would be a potential to remove the batts.

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  1. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #1

    Do you have some pics or a drawing? My first thought is that batts might be an issue here, but it really depends what is going on with the venting and what and where there is what I assume you mean is rigid foam.


  2. suect | | #2

    Thanks Bill,

    The foam is open cell spray foam and there is no attic venting.

    It’s challenging to get a picture close up as the roof slopes down to the area, but I have a few not-so-clear photos from a few feet away.

    The first photo shows the finished ceiling to hopefully give some added .perspective.


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