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Foundation waterproofing

DjMskhWXLb | Posted in General Questions on

my house was built in 1900. it has a brick foundation. The brick is now moist and I want to waterproof it. I got 3 different types of quotes:
1- Bitumin exterior waterproofing with gravel replacing soil and grading
2-Praseal exterior waterproofing with gravel replacing soil and grading
3- Mirror drain with no sealant

What is the best method to keep the brick foundation dry?

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  1. Riversong | | #1

    The first thing to do is deal with the moisture source(s). Are the roof gutters and downspouts intact and do they lead water at least 10' away from the foundation? Is the lot properly graded to divert surface water away from the foundation? Are there exterior French drains to divert major sub-surface flows? Are adjacent patios drained away from the house?

    Once those measures are taken care of, then you can determine whether you still have a foundation moisture problem. If so, the only reliable mitigation method would be to excavate to the footings, repoint any damaged joints, perhaps seal the brick with a siloxane or silane-based masonry sealer (which allows it to breathe), install a drainage mat, backfill with well-draining mixed aggregate fill, and cap with clay or other impervious material.

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