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foundations Sealing and isolating

Clide | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

In the article “crawl space”, thougths are very precises. As you mentioned crawl space have to be sealed and insulated. But a question remains. Since we have lot of humidity problems in our country (Tahiti), We choose as a greener solution to support the house on concrete pier instead of concrete wall or slab; Our local code said: the level between the ground to the upper floor have to be a minimum of 60 cm (23 in.). This allowes the floor to get a natural air flow below. Then the questions is, do we have to insulate and seale in the same manner as a crawl space.

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  1. Riversong | | #1

    The problem with vented crawlspaces in temperate climates is when warm, humid air reaches cold surfaces, causing condensation and consequent moisture problems.

    In a tropical climate, you want maximum airlfow to cool the interior environment. Building houses on open piers is an appropriate technology for your climate.

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