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Framing for Drywall in a Brick Basement

cermakc | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

I have a 1920’s Chicago bungalow with brick foundation walls in basement. I understand the problem with not air sealing and insulating enough will cause problems. Don’t have the space to add 2 inches of rigid insulation and 2×4 wall.
Would a 2×2 wall with no insulation and just drywall work without causing any moisture problems.

thanks Chris

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  1. GBA Editor
    Kiley Jacques | | #1

    Chris, what is your objective here?

  2. cermakc | | #2

    Drywall finished walls . Without having moisture or mold issues. Space constraints make it difficult to bring the wall out further

    1. GBA Editor
      Kiley Jacques | | #3

      While you wait for experts to weigh in, read through this Q&A thread and recommended articles: Finishing a Brick-Walled Basement . There's lots to chew on there.

  3. cermakc | | #4

    Thanks Kiley.

    Your great on FHB podcast.

  4. Expert Member
    NICK KEENAN | | #5

    In a climate with humid summers I think that assembly would be at a risk for mold. Warm humid air would get behind the drywall and condense against the brick, which would be close to ground temperature. You need both insulation and air sealing.

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