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Free Intello supplies and Tremco… (Not spam)

tech1234 | Posted in General Questions on

Martin in the spirit of not being wasteful I would like to find a home for these “job overage” supplies. I VERY recently finished up my PGH double studwall build and no longer need these. They are free to anyone who needs them and is willing to pick them up just outside of Keene NH. Post up and maybe Martin can swap our contact info.

James Walters

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  1. tech1234 | | #1

    pic of stuff

  2. Expert Member

    That's a nice gesture! If you don't find any takers here on GBA, you might consider donating them to your local Habitat for Humanity Re-store.

  3. Sophia_Jungbauer | | #3

    James Walters and/or Malcolm - I'd be happy to take this off your hands if you still have them! Located in MN but I'd be happy to pay for shipping.

  4. Andy_ | | #4

    Doh! Missed it. If Sophia can't take it I will!

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