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Fresh air for house in very mild climate

caliberger | Posted in General Questions on
I’m remodelling a house on the ocean in a very mild climate where monthly average temperatures range from 60 to 76 F and monthly average humidity ranges from 61 to 71%
The plan is to build a pretty tight envelope so replacing stale air will be an issue
Heating will be hydronic radiant and because of the climate there is no mechanical cooling
I don’t think I need an energy recover system although am open to the idea and don’t want to run ducts
What are some good options?

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  1. tommay | | #1

    Open the windows...

    1. caliberger | | #2

      Yes- easiest and cheapest
      But I'd like to come home to a house that is filled with fresh air, not stale air that needs to be flushed by opening the windows every day

      1. tommay | | #3

        Where are you planning on getting this fresh air from?

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