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Frost Protected Shallow Foundation Vs. Earthen Floors

Convergence | Posted in General Questions on

I’m considering the options for building and wanted to hear your thoughts about whether to go with a frost protected shallow foundation or some form of earthen/adobe floors? 

I love the idea of potentially being grounded with an earthen floor (I think it matters, call me kooky!). I also like having less concrete during construction and the cost savings that come with it. 

On the flip side, we would have much more work on our hands to do with regards to creating the adobe/earthen floors (or hiring it out). Having the FPSF would be nice for convenience obviously, but which is preferable in terms of cost and energy efficiency?
What are your thoughts on these options for an efficient home?

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  1. Expert Member


    FPSFs and earthen floors aren't doing the same thing, so they aren't really things you can choose between.

    Earthen floors can replace a concrete slab, but still need something to support the load-bearing structure of the house. That's what FPSFs do (in a variety of different forms). The only difference between them and other types of foundations is they don't have to go down to the frost level because they are insulated.

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