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Fujitsu Mini Split Short Cycling

johns3km | Posted in General Questions on

I have a 12K head in a 3rd floor walk up space that is certainly way oversized. It seems to follow this behavior:

Heat starts with extra low fan speed for a couple minutes
Bumps up to next speed for less than 30 seconds
Bumps up to med/high for 5 seconds
Heat off, back to extra low speed
Repeat every 8 minutes

I have the remote set to the slowest speed so 1) Why is it going through all of these speed ramps, and 2) Does the angle or swing have any effect? I’m trying to throw it down a long narrow attic space.

Anything to improve this behavior? I’ve seen some people mention covering up a majority of the top of the air inlet? It seems like a lot of cycling- likely 1 out of the 8 minute cycle is cool air. 


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