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Fujitsu Runs Continuously

kyeser | Posted in General Questions on

I just installed a number of Fujitsu mini splits and they all seem to run continuously on low blowing cold air, in between heating cycles.  I do not remember my older Fujitsu’s running like this.  It’s quite annoying and seems like a waste of energy.  Is there a way to change this and turn off the continuous run.

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  1. Deleted | | #1


  2. kyeser | | #2

    I read through the operating manuals, not seeing anything to change this. Although it does say the units will run for a couple minutes on low before starting a heating cycle, I do not see a mention on continuous run.

  3. Expert Member
    AKOS TOTH | | #3

    It sounds like you have a multi split. Also feels like it is a fair bit oversized for the load. The problem with multi splits is that the indoor heads don't modulate, they are either on at rated capacity or off. The fan needs to run continually for it to sample room temperature. My guess the previous Fujitsu unit was a one indoor head to one outdoor unit setup, these modulate and are generally more efficient and comfortable.

    Some units like Mitsubishi has the option to disable the fan between heat cycles as part of the installer settings. You might want to give the tech support a call and see if there is similar for yours.

    If not, one option is to get a thermostat converter module for your unit and use a standard wall thermostat. This would let the thermostat control the fan directly.

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