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Furring options behind cedar shingles/clapboards

jjones207 | Posted in Green Building Techniques on


Looking for furring options or visuals for the attachment of cedar shingles over 3″ of Rockwool Comfortboard 80 on a new build.  We’d like to do factory bleached cedar shingles and white cedar clapboards but struggling to determine the best way to furr behind the siding to accommodate both types since one needs to be vertical and the other horizontal.

I was just looking at Advanced Building Products ‘Watairvent’ wondering if that may work horizontally for the shingles without having to do a lattice pattern.  I’m guessing this wouldn’t be deep enough or provide necessary support for the rockwool when only placed horizontally but would love to hear your thoughts/suggestions.

Our goal is to do a VOAT wall assembly for CZ6(Vapor open, air tight) – Interior to Exterior: drywall, smart vapor barrier, blown cellulose 2×6 cavity, zip sheathing, 3″ rockwool comfortboard 80, furring, siding with a focus on air sealing throughout the project. We’ve been laboring over the best wall assembly knowing this is our final house so we want to make smart, long term decisions and now of all things we’re really struggling with the furring/siding choices.

Would love any thoughts/inputs you’d be willing to share.


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  1. user-6623302 | | #1

    Maybe you need to rethink the shingles, that is a lot of furring, every 5".

    1. jjones207 | | #2

      I certainly don't disagree with this at all. Was hoping someone might have a clever solution/suggestion I hadn't thought of before I go back to the drawing board.

  2. Expert Member
    Akos | | #3

    Since the strapping on the rest of the wall is usually 3/4" thick, you can install 1/2" CDX where you want shingles. House wrap over the CDX and 1/4" breather mesh followed by the shingles. This gets you in plane with the rest of the siding.

    3" of rigid mineral wool is already a pain the work with, I feel trying to hang shingles off it is just complicating your life.

  3. andy_ | | #4

    They make shingle panels, basically a bunch of shingles already affixed to a backer. It's intended as a labor savings so you don't have to nail each individual shingle, but I wonder if it might be a solution here.

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