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Gap between fascia and roof sheathing – need sealing?

kidcharlemange | Posted in General Questions on

I started my attic air sealing and insulating project this morning. When pulling the existing fiberglass batts back from the eaves, I noticed daylight coming through a gap. Hard to tell how large the gap is but it’s probably 1/2” or less. My plan was to install baffles for future soffit vents (house has gable vents only). I’m concerned that this gap (with no mesh or anything) could let animals in. I noticed some old bee nests in the insulation near the eaves. 

It seems like this gap is somewhat normal based on internet searches. But at what point would it be a problem?  Should I continue with my plan to add the baffles or do I need to address the gap first?  

I attached a picture. Note that I reconnected the exhaust vent before I left the attic for the day; it was solely to get access. 

I’m in zone 4a, approximately 1000 sq ft attic. 

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  1. johngfc | | #1

    In a recent discussion with our local fire department, the fire inspector specifically noted that gaps associated with soffits, gables, and roofing are a serious fire hazard - anything that allows embers to enter your attic. If fire is a concern, you'd presumably want to block it or cover with something like 1/8" metal screen.

  2. user-5946022 | | #2

    If the sheathing goes all the way to the soffit and does not extend past the face of the soffit, Install a drip edge with a long leg from the outside

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