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Gaps Suggestions for Cedar Rainscreen Application

bremde | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

Our house is in the PNW and we will be siding it with 2 layers of 30 min felt and 1X4 cedar horizontally connected to vertical 1X1 ripped Trex Decking furring strips. We are adding fiberglass screening to the top and bottom.

Because of the wasp and other creatures and their desire to inhabit warm dark spaces, we were wondering if anyone had a good rule of thumb for gaps between the boards.

Our plan is for a 1/8th inch gap. Should we simply cover the entire surface behind the boards and atop the battens in the screen material, or will that have its own problems?

thank you for any suggestions.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    It sounds like you want to leave visible gaps between your siding boards. I don't recommend that if you are using asphalt felt or 30-minute building paper. Eventually, the UV light will lead to the degradation of the felt.

    Why not install conventional lap siding?

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