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Gas fireplace considerations given variable speed furnace and ERV

Roger_S39 | Posted in General Questions on

hi all,

Would there be anything to be mindful of when choosing a direct vent fireplace given the presence of variable speed, 2 stage furnace plus an ERV with dedicated duct lines?

The situation would be as follows:
-New construction
-Slab on grade
-2 furnaces
-Fireplace located in 2 story great room with open concept to upstairs play area.

Thank you.


  1. Expert Member
    Akos | | #1

    Neither ERV or furnace should depressurize the house. The bigger issue with gas inserts is large range hoods in smaller tight buildings. Have your HVAC person check this, if you are going with one of those professional range hoods, you might need to include a make up air unit.

  2. walta100 | | #2

    Most direct vent gas appliances are sealed and being in there own supply air and would not be affected by HVAC equipment.

    If you meant vent free gas fireplace, I think they are a bad idea and should be banned.


    1. JC72 | | #4

      Direct vent fireplaces not vent-free. Strange I know but it appears that this industry has opted to tackle the AQ issues of vent-free fireplaces.

  3. JC72 | | #3

    Direct vent fireplace acts much like other direct vent appliances which essentially balance AIR IN with AIR OUT. Technically there should be nothing to worry about because they're not depressurizing the house.

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