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  1. GBA Editor
    Patrick Mccombe | | #1

    Hi Linda, I'm not sure what you mean by "gas vent". Is this the exhaust vent/flue for your water heater?

  2. walta100 | | #2

    The title is the part I find confusing. What is a gas tank vent? Do you really have a tank of gas in the house? Or are we talking about the flue pipe.

    The best advice would be found in the insulation instruction that came with this appliance.

    Yes we could write 10 paragraphs that would cover the 10 most likely installations. But that is a lot of work in return for the 2 quick sentences and no photos Linda gave us.


  3. Lindaloowho | | #3

    Sorry, my brain is foggy this morning. It is the Gas Water Heater Flue I am referring to

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