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General information on 2″x6″ decking

jumanji | Posted in General Questions on

We are in the beginning stages of starting construction on a new home. We have a great room planned with a cathedral ceiling. In the interior there will be exposed heavy timber construction. Above that we would like to see exposed 2″x6″ v-matched decking.
The timber frames will be set on 6′ centers. Above this will be another roof structure of 2″x10″ where we will insulate. My question is not a insulation question but a question regarding the decking. We can use 2″x” douglas fir. Someone has suggested using 2″x6″ tongue and groove decking. Has anybody had experience in using Poplar in this fashion. I am concerned about twisting, splitting and checking. The poplar will be much more economical and we will be painting the decking.

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