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Gluing Polyiso Foam to Metal and Plywood

Brian Keefe | Posted in General Questions on

Hey everyone –

I’m planning to convert the floor of a van, adding polyiso insulation and plywood

My question is about the best product(s) to use – I’d rather not screw the plywood into the van floor so glue will have to provide all the needed support (and survive through all of the vibrations and bumps)

First layer: 1/2″ polyiso, glued to the van floor (metal)
Second layer: 1″ polyiso glued to the bottom polyiso layer
Third layer: 1/2″ plywood glued to the second polyiso layer

So far considering 3M 90, The Great Stuff, and / or the Loctite PL300 Foam Board Adhesive

Let me know what you think – thanks!

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  1. Charlie Sullivan | | #1

    Is your polyiso foil faced? If so, your glue joint is metal-to-metal, so a glue that works on metal is good.

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    My guess is that a canned spray foam adhesive might stand up better to road vibrations, expansion, and contraction than a metal-to-metal adhesive. But I'm not an expert on this type of work, by any means.

    You might want to post your question on a forum focusing on van conversions.

  3. Theodore Chabane | | #3

    Dear Dr. Holladay,

    We're in the process of designing a house such as your's, rafter overhangs applied after the self-adhered membrane ( Vaproshield). Rather than use Roxul outboard, we have access to 4"to 7" thick sheets of polyiso. Although Iso-clips will be the primary weight/force resisting attachment we would also like to glue the polyiso to the membrane.

    Any thoughts on this configuration?

    Best regards, Ted Chabane

  4. Deleted | | #4


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