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Good options for inline dampers on rigid supply duct ?

Aston01 | Posted in Mechanicals on

In the past, I have used basic inline dampers on rigid supply lines and while they work for the purpose they generally feel fairly cheap, the adjustment plate holes leak and the wingnut locking system doesn’t inspire a great deal of confidence.

I would like to find something better than my current option (above), but considering this is on a balanced residential system it doesn’t make sense to pay a great deal for something that will likely be adjusted once and hopefully never touched again.

Has anyone seen something that is better than the above but isn’t $100+ ea for 4-6in ducts?

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  1. Expert Member
    Akos | | #1

    If its in a round register, you can look at adjustable butterfly dampers. These typically adjustable only through a hole in the grill.

    There are also iris dampers, much better precision and solid adjustment. Not cheap.

    Really hard to justify much more than a standard duct damper.

  2. aunsafe2015 | | #2

    From the pictures, those appear to be higher quality than the standard dampers that attach with holes and wingnuts. That said, they also cost $100+. Not really sure they would be so much better as to be worth the cost.

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