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Grab bars in universal design energy pretty good house

user-6990904 | Posted in General Questions on


We are building a pretty good house in Colorado zone 6b. The master shower is 4×5 curbless, we a built in bench. We had planned for a full glass wall between the shower and the commode. But I am thinking a half wall instead with glass extending from the half wall. And install grab bars on the shower and commode sides.

Our GC says that since it is a slab on grade with infloor radiant heat it is going to be hard to do the half wall sturdy enough for the grab bars.

He says I can have grab bars on the glass shower wall, but somehow that doesn’t seem right.

What am I missing? Suggestions.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. STEPHEN SHEEHY | | #1

    If the half wall is attached to a full height wall, use some robust bolts to attach the two. What stage is the build at now? If the floor hasn't been placed, just form some anchor bolts in the concrete to attach the wall with.
    Since the shower is only 4x5, maybe grab bars on the full height walls are enough. I assume blocking was or will be installed between all the studs.
    Our pretty good house has an open shower with a linear drain and two shower heads, a hand held head on one wall and a fixed head on the ceiling. Shower area is about 6' wide by 5' deep. Room is 6'x14'. I attach a photo, taken from the end opposite the shower. The blue piece is the edge of the counter in the vanity.

  2. user-6990904 | | #2

    Thanks for the answer. We are still in the framing stage. The infloor radiant is in as is the slab. My awareness of grab bars is high as I had complex knee surgery two weeks ago and am on crutches for another four weeks. Though I will be hiking and skiing in about six to nine months, aging in place is foremost in my mind and body. And yes it is one story, 36 wide doors, no to low thresholds from the exterior, etc.

    Just thinking about a few extra attractive grab bars in the master bath.


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