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Grade level door in a REMOTE Retrofit

RTHDaymrrU | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

I am installing 3 inches of rigid foam board to the outside of my 2×4 frame house following the REMOTE system. Over the foam are 1×4 furring strips followed by vinyl siding. I have taken out all of the original windows and doors and installed 2×6 replacements (adding framing around the doors and windows to the proper width). My problem lies with the last door that I am replacing… a grade level entry door to the garage. The foam I am adding is only going down the wall to the sill plate (not adding below grade insulation to the exterior crawlspace: too much money for all of that). Any ideas on how I should deal with the transition from the 3 inches of foam (plus 3/4 inch rain screen and the vinyl siding) to the existing foundation?

Also the framing for the 2×6 door would be sticking out approx. 2 inches. I assume this is a no-no because ground heaving (I am in Alaska) will not affect the foundation but will affect the grade. I could utilize a 2×4 door but I would still have the jamb extensions sticking out.

Thoughts? Advice? Thanks!

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  1. Riversong | | #1

    Use an inswing door.

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