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Grading around a foundation, Height of Soil

Brent_F | Posted in General Questions on

I recently had a sewer drain line repaired in my yard and the grading that was left has now settled and formed back flow up against the foundation.  I have a brick front on my house that extends below the top of foundation elevation by roughly 4-5 bricks in height (see image.)  I was curious if I can fill in the area up against the brick to red line that i have drawn in.  This will put me roughly 8″ below the top of foundation but will cover up the bottom three bricks on the front of the house.  Is this acceptable or will I be trapping water behind the bricks? Should I leave all the bricks fully exposed on the front and keep soil 6-8″ below them and then grade away from the foundation?  Look forward to some feedback. Thanks

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  1. joshdurston | | #1

    I had this at my last house.
    It will be a problem. The motor and bricks are very porous and you may have bulk water seep in over the top of your foundation above or below the sill plate. Your wooden framing may rot over time as well.

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