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The Impact of Cool Temperatures on Air Sealing

shrews01 | Posted in General Questions on

So I’ve started my air sealing project and now I’m worried that I waited too long. Will I still get a good air seal spraying great stuff in 45 to 55 degree temps?

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  1. trystanherriott | | #1

    I’ve had good luck with OSI QUAD window and door canned spray foam at low temperatures (they have a formula rated down to 14*F, I think). It may be ~twice as expensive as a regular can of Great Stuff. l’ve purchased the low temp OSI foam at Lowe’s.

    Edit: Some Great Stuff products are rated for install down to something like ~40*F. I’d be surprised if 55*F would be a problem in general, although long-term air-sealing performance of Great Stuff may be questionable depending on the other materials involved.

  2. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #2

    I've usually used 50F as a cutoff temperature. You only need a little time there though since the foam cures in a few hours. Once it's cured, it doesn't matter if it gets "too cold". If you have four hours of temperatures above 50F, I'd go ahead and use the foam, just make sure it has at least 2-3 hours (ideally 4+) to cure fully before temperatures are expected to drop below 50F.


  3. charlie_sullivan | | #3

    Misting with a little water before and after foaming can help it cure.

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