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Gree minisplit specifications on NEEP’s cold climate ASHP list?

bfw577 | Posted in General Questions on

About to purchase and self install another 9 or 12k minisplit. My 2 year old Midea has poor cold weather performance so I am looking to add some cold weather capacity. The gree sapphire has some really impressive cold weather performance. According to the AHRI directory its at the top and has much better performance than the big names with a 38 seer cooling and 15 HSPF. 

Going through NEEP’s ccASHP the numbers seem much lower on the 12k unit than Grees published numbers. The 9 and 12k units appear to be the same unit  and I think the capacity is just software regulated. 

Notice the neep list has lower numbers on the 12k unit compared to the 9 at 5 degrees?

9k 5 degree output.
Maximum Heating Capacity (Btu/hr) @5℉: 12,976

12k 5 degree output
Maximum Heating Capacity (Btu/hr) @5℉: 8,000!/product/25405!/product/25406

Grees numbers under sapphire submittals.

9k at 6 degrees is listed at 12,210
12k at 6 degrees is listed at 13,304

Seems there is a 5k btu at 5 degrees discrepancy between neep and Grees numbers?

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  1. Expert Member
    Dana Dorsett | | #1

    There are quite a few data-entry errors on the NEEP website, and it looks like you may have found another one. The manufacturer may have mis-keyed it, or it was improperly transcribed at NEEP.

    Note that the NEEP page on the -09 shows ~1000 BTU/hr more maximum capacity at +17 than it does at +47F. How likely is that?

    Clerical error, most likely. I suspect the data sheets were both on the desk at the same time, and got shuffled before the forms were fully filled out. Whether that happened at Gree or NEEP, the error is the same. When in doubt, go with the vendors published capacity tables.

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