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Green Car Advisor

Allan Edwards | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Not sure if anyone is aware (or interested) but there is also a site for the Green Automobile industry called the “Green Car Advisor”. There is some good information at this site regarding energy efficiency and cars.

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  1. 5C8rvfuWev | | #1

    I'll piggyback on your comment, Allan. I've used edmunds since the 90s and this blog for a few months. It's pretty good though focuses on review (expert) more than anything resembling discussion. I'd never have thought of mentioning it here, but glad you did.


  2. Jan Juran | | #2

    Dear Anonymous: are you certain that the color of your car was not Bondo, rather than forest green? Please advise.

  3. Gare_Home | | #3

    How To Test A Power Wheels Battery?
    Hope it is helpful for you

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