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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    I can imagine some disadvantages to this arrangement, but I don't see who you think is being greedy by inventing this contraption. In a drought-stricken region, it might make sense.

  2. Flitch Plate | | #2

    My first impression was: am I pissin’ in the washer or rinsin’ in the toilet. This over-matches Alex’s basement tub of pee. At least he isolated the urine; here the splash back mists the clothes washer.

    I presume it’s best to be a condensing dryer and washer combination. “Fred, can you fold the laundry while you’re taking a dump. Don’t forget which hand is used for what. Pile the cloths on the toilet seat when you’re done”

    Martin … don’t take yourself so seriously. First of all this is a laugh; second it’s just plain unsanitary. Perhaps you are not married. If you are, why not ask your wife and kids what they think. My wife would kick me out of the house if I tried to install such an absurd solution.

    If you really need that water recycled, pump it or gravity feed it from another room.

  3. Jin Kazama | | #3

    first off.. 2008

    secondly, it is obvious that this is a poorly rendered 3d model,
    which would pretty much be impossible to manufacture in the depth it seems to be occupying

  4. Kevin Dickson, MSME | | #4

    I like the fold-down armrests.

  5. Jin Kazama | | #5

    Kevin : very hygienic !!

    But seriously, i have difficulty seeing where is the economy in going further than a very efficient dual flush toilet that would be fitted with a somewhat sealed lid so one could wait until a #2 to flush out.

    I have installed recent model dual flush Kohler in my new house
    and i have had only a few occasion which required the used of the full flush,
    the half flush using a very minimal quantity of water (.8gal )

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