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Green homes on wheels

Michael Chandler | Posted in General Questions on

Hans please tell us more about your green home on wheels!

We are designing 5′ x 10′ well insulated and secure camping trailers for a local solar PV installation crew to live in while setting up large scale PV installations. We’re using 3″ poly-iso filled stress skin panels with twin-wall and triple-wall translucent polycarbonate security wings that fold down over the windows and lock when the installers are away from their base but fold up to create out-door living space when they are back. they are designed with a solar thermal / PV combo collector which drains to zero for travel or freezing weather with an outdoor shower in back that doubles as outdoor kitchen and dirt-bike parking when in tow.

Aesthetically we are looking for a rustic board and batten hunters camp look on the outside when the wings are up so they will be muted green and brown camo so as not to draw attention from tool thieves when the trailers are left behind when the crews are at work. The inside skin of the panels will be 1/4″ luan ply to give the interior sort of a nautical feel.

In that most of us nail-bangers are closet musicians the tool safe will be sized to hold a couple guitars and a mandolin or two. (I lived for a year in a dodge van with an upright bass and all my carpenters and mechanics tools under the bed)

It’s been a really fun project. I’d love to hear what others are doing along these lines.

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