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Green Roof components supplier recommendations?

user-714815 | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I am searching for a supplier for Green Roof components (geotextiles, plastic drainage tiles, edging etc) for new residential “flat” roof construction. Are there any American made systems out there available for smaller (1300 sq ft) installations? So far I have found Conservation Technology’s Optigreen system which is imported from Germany and available in small quantities to contractors and the diy. This is for an “extensive” green roof, ie 4″ of soil planted with low growing drought tolerant vegetation.
Thank you for your input, Lillian Maurer, Hudson Valley NY.

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  1. Christopher Briley | | #1

    Give Xeroflor a shout. They're local enough for you in NY. I'm using them on an install in Maine. They're not that expensive and they're seedums are pre-grown for your climate. Just try to bypass the sales department and talk directly to a soils or plantings technitian for details and specifics. The sales guys will tell you whatever you want to hear. You can also try GreenGrid. This is a 2x2 planting tray system that sits right on your regular membrane roofs.


  2. user-714815 | | #2

    Thanks Christopher.
    I would prefer to use a system that doesn't involve pre-planted trays but I will check out your recommendations.

  3. Anonymous | | #3

    Try Botanicals Nursery LLC; I have heard they have a very nice system--their installation team is very knowledgable. I heard them at a green roof conference in Boston. I think you can find them by Googling. Good luck.

  4. Chris K. | | #4

    Check out Carlisle Roof Gardens.

  5. Lillian Maurer | | #5

    Thanks for your suggestions Chris and Anon.

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