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Foundation for Greenhouse

tomreadfieldmaine | Posted in General Questions on

Hello GBA community,

We homesteaders in Maine (zone 5) and we just picked up a Planta Sungrow 26 greenhouse (10′ x 26′ metal frame w/ polycarbonate) to add to our operation.  In case I want to move it in the future, I am trying to stay away from Sono tubes and concrete, and I wanted to run my plan by the GBA community to make sure I am not making a mistake.

I scraped the loam off the site where the greenhouse will be.  I was going to fill it in with gravel/crushed stone to level and stabilize it from frost heaving and provide drainage.  I don’t have anything to compact with other than my 1600lb tractor.  Next, I plan to construct a greenhouse foundation (like pictured) with rough 4×6 cedar, anchored with 4′ rebar driven through wood and into the ground. We are planning to build raised beds inside after construction is finished.

Does this sound like it makes sense?

It is worth trying to insulate the ground under the greenhouse?

The crushed stone should prevent frost heave damage, correct?

Thank you for reading,
Tom Vatistas

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